Ceyla & Chicken

Get ready...

Play. Learn. Return. Repeat

We are so excited to bring you a whole new, revolutionary, way of integrating handcrafted earth friendly educational toddler toys into your child's life...it's a monthly toy-share membership.

  • You no longer have to spend tons of money buying toy after toy trying to keep up with your child's thirst for knowledge.
  • Toys follow Montessori, STEM, Waldorf style of learning.
  • Cut down on clutter.
  • Keep toys out of the landfill

You and your toddler have access to several hand crafted earth friendly educational toys that are delivered to your door step. When your kiddo is done playing with it, send it back for a new toy.

Just think about the HUGE smile that will appear every time a new toy comes. 

Sign up below to be the first to know when the monthly toy-share is ready.

In the meantime we will send you fun ideas to do with your kiddo. 


Play. Learn. Return. Repeat.

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